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Biscuits, baby and a beautiful autumn day! I had to take advantage of the changing color of the fall leaves and have a playdate with Everly, Shawn, and my favorite biscuits from Artisan Biscuits in Ashbourne, England. I can’t find any biscuits in the States that I enjoy as much as these! One day I hope that our little family will be able to move to London so we can enjoy all of its English goodness! We just learned that Shawn’s great, great grandfather is from Gloucestershire, where we visited last summer! My ancestors are from England, Germany, and Ireland. Maybe that’s why I feel like I belong in Europe! For now, our little family will go on many family vacations all over the world until the day comes that we have the opportunity to move.
Well, I’m off to watch My Little Ponies with Everly while sipping on my favorite, decadent hot cocoa from Angelina in Paris! Have a lovely evening,

~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon