Chanel Fall Winter Outfit Inspiration and highlights from the Chanel fall and winter 2018/19 collection.

Inspiration for my faux fur bubble coat and high bun-

Inspiration for my neutral color palette and tweed dress-

Inspiration for my gold speckled winter tights and gold pointy flats-

Inspiration for my cowl neck scarf-

Now for my actual look! I didn’t want to look like a tacky knock off, so instead I took what I was inspired by and incorporated that into my own outfit, Sugared Lemon style.Chanel Fall Winter Outfit Inspiration

Chanel Fall Winter Outfit Inspiration

Chanel Fall Winter Outfit Inspiration

I recently got back from a vacation in Quebec and Montreal and it lived up to the hype! While strolling the streets, I came upon the Chanel store front and it was featuring looks from the fall and winter collection. I loved it so much that when I got back to Utah, I planned an outfit inspired by Chanel’s current collection. I incorporated a lot of different textures and kept the color palette neutral with a pop of brandy wine. I’ll have a closet full of Chanel one day, but this look is perfect for my current budget!
Also, you have to check out how to make my spiced apple cider! It’s simple and perfect for this time of year.

“L’élégance est quand l’intérieur est aussi beau que l’extérieur.” ~Coco Chanel

Have a lovely and sweet day,
~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon