icicles at the midway ice castles

Elsa and Anna besties at the Midway Ice Castles!


midway ice castles

midway utah ice castles

midway ice castle fountain

Elsa ice castle in midway

midway ice castle fire

Elsa and anna ice castle in midway

Elsa and anna at the midway ice castlesf The Sugared Lemon at the Ice Castles

My darling friend Alexis and I decided that this year we are going to one random adventure each month. This month we headed to Midway, Utah to see the Ice Castles. Oh my gosh, they are spectacular! Thanks to my little nieces, I have seen Frozen many times and walking around the sparkly ice castles was like walking around the movie. Outside of the castles you can have your photo taken with ladies dressed as Elsa and Anna from Frozen! Believe me, It is well worth the drive to Midway to check out this crystal palace. The walls change colors, music plays throughout the icy rooms and there is even an ice slide! We went on it but I got a tad stuck at the end to everyone’s amusement, haha!

If you plan on going, buy your tickets here ahead of time to get a better price!

Have a lovely day,

~Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon