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So, it’s a typical day walking through Target to get Everly’s baby food when something velvet caught my eye. I literally did a double take at a gorgeous velvet, quilted handbag with gold chain straps. I couldn’t believe that it was at Target and priced at 36.99! I was not at all planning on buying anything besides baby food, but I simply could not pass up this burgundy, velvet satchel. It is perfect for Fall and will transition seamlessly into winter outfits. It is such a rich color and the gold straps are the perfect embellishment! I can imagine this with a lot of my outfits! Velvet is a huge trend right now and I’m thrilled to incorporate it into my outfits. You know a Sugared Lemon can’t pass up a fabulous accessory! I then came across a ruffle sweater that was begging me to reserve a place in my closet for it. I, of course, obliged and knew that it would be the perfect, ladylike sweater to go along with my new handbag! Today was a good day for me and Everly. She got her pumpkin baby food and I got a pretty new outfit! Yay for fall sweater weather!

Have a lovely day,
~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon

P.S. here is a link to Everly’s CUTE headband!