Farewell to our fairyland and hello to our new home because we have finally sold our house! We are currently building a brand new home that will be done in November. We’ve waited 13 years to be able to our design our own Pinterest worthy dream house. I hope the new owners of our current home love it as much as we did. It’s the house where we took home our newly born Everly and watched her grow up into a sweet and sassy three year old, much like her mama. The fairyland-yardscape is something we will dearly miss. Shawn took photos of me in our with the pink blooming trees, river, and little white gazebo. It’s strange to me that people here don’t seem to care much about having a yard. Outside is where I feel the most at peace and we both LOVE to garden. Does anyone else feel that way? Shawn likes to plant and cultivate vegetables and herbs for salsa making and burgers. Anyway, it’s time to move on to a bigger home with more room and yard so we can hopefully add another little to our family! Everly keeps telling me she wants a baby sister so she can kiss her little chubby cheeks. For now, we promised her that if she’s good she can ask Santa for a pair of Netherland Dwarf bunnies and a bunny house in her new backyard. We even got her tested to make sure she’s not allergic! I’m trying to convince Shawn that we need a miniature goat too but I’ve had no luck, haha.

Farewell to our fairyland

Pink Lady Dior

Spring Dior beauty

Farewell to our fairyland

So, cheers to our next eventful chapter of life! Also, we always spay and neuter our animals and hope you do the same.

Have a lovely and sweet day,
~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon

We want to make a bunny house like this for Everly’s bunnies and keep it in our garden area like the photos below!

* photos via Pinterest