Fashion Quotes: Stylish Wit and Catwalk Wisdom.






This is powder is how I achieve a dew kissed glow!




I am loving my Loeffler Randall gold Penny Knot heels!

~Fashion Quotes compiles hundreds of the snappiest quotations, selected from over three centuries: from the society beaux of the eighteenth century and the literary wits of the nineteenth century to the celebrity elite of the twentieth century and today’s hippest Twitterati. Christian Lacroix has gilded the pages with creative inspiration, his illustrations perfectly expressing the color and panache that we expect from fashion’s finest. The collection is divided into quotations from different spheres, including: Elegance, Shoes, Taste, The Little Black Dress, Dandyism, High Heels, The Cleavage, Eccentricity, Fashion Follies, and Vanity.Fashion Quotes will be the must-have gift for every fashionista and aspiring wit, or for anyone looking for the ultimate cheeky pick-me-up, whip-crack wisdom, or poisonous punchline.~

My husband bought me this book from our favorite bookstore and it has been ever so helpful when writing my posts! The current quote from the book that I’m obsessed with is, “We must never confuse elegance with snobbery” ~ Yves Saint Laurent. There is a fine line between elegance and snobbery and Kate middleton is the epitome of being on the elegant side of that line. Don’t you agree?

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~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon