Pink Holly Swimsuit from Rad Swim cute and chic one piece swimsuit from Rad Swim
Cute Pink Holly swimsuit in Kauai
Rad Swim fun in the sunRad Swim Pink Holly cute one piece swimsuit
cute one piece swimsuit from Rad Swim

Swimsuit: RAD Swim  |  Swimsuit Skirt: RAD Swim  |  Headband: Lilly Pulitzer for Target  |  Sunless Tan: Shisedio (I never age my skin by exposing it to the harsh sun)  |  Lipgloss: Chanel Rouge Allure in Exotique

Ok ladies, I’m confident that I am not the only one who has had a hard time finding a cute one piece swimsuit that doesn’t look like it belongs to an old lady that wears it to water aerobics. You know the ones I’m referring to. Big wide straps, baggy outlines, and the worst part, the tacky prints. I was searching the internet endlessly for a chic one piece for my upcoming trip to Kauai when I came across RAD swim. The darling suits were just what I was looking for, halle-freaking-lujah!! Bright colors, chic outlines, and pops of sparkle is exactly what I wanted to see and be seen in! I’m wearing RAD Swim’s pink Holly swimsuit that is as chic and girly as can be! I felt so happy in it that I couldn’t help jumping and splashing in the water. Yay for a successful and fun day at the beach!

Click here to learn more about RAD Swim and the founder and owner, Michelle Shumway.

Have a lovely day,
~Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon