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Hello Sugared Lemons! I’m excited to introduce to you one of my favorite and coveted new products called Smile Brilliant. As a fashion blogger, I notice every little detail in my photos including stained and yellow teeth. Yellow teeth are especially noticeable against a backdrop of beautiful sparkling white snow! I’ve tried using well known whitening strips and I always end up throwing them away because they cause my teeth to ache and the strips slip around too much. I literally could feel pain in the roots of my bottom, front teeth for about a week after I used them. Ouch! I was beyond thrilled when I started researching professional whitening kits and found Smile Brilliant. This top notch brand was the obvious choice for this Sugared Lemon! Smile Brilliant offers customizable packages according to teeth sensitivity and how deep the stains are on your teeth. Each kit also includes an easy to make personal set of trays from their dental lab which ensures that every little nook and cranny gets whitened, unlike strips. I’ve been easily whitening my teeth while I cozy up on my couch at night while watching holiday movies with my Shawn. Whitening my teeth has been a breeze and I am astounded by the results! I had no idea how much whiter my teeth could be! I highly recommend giving Smile Brilliant a try and it’s comforting knowing they have a wonderful guarantee. #SmileFearlessly #TheSugaredLemon


To learn more about Smile brilliant, click here or check out this video! You can also receive 5% off with the coupon code: SUGAREDMOM

Have a lovely day,

~Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon

* I wore the same outfit and accessories to help show what a difference snow white teeth can make!

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