It’s peony season!It’s peony season It’s peony season
It’s peony season

It’s peony season

It’s peony season and I’m savoring every moment. “In my mind, no other flower can compete with the perfection and the fragrance of the Peony. The silky petals, delicate shape, romantic shades and graceful foliage make this flower my all time favorite and I’m not alone. Brides plan their wedding dates around peony season. Flower enthusiasts plant them all through their gardens. Florists go crazy over all the different shades available from white, to coral, yellow to reds and every imaginable pink!  Sadly, this bloom can only be enjoyed in nature for a very short time each year. That’s the reason their paper counterparts have become such a hit!” ~Chantal Larocque. She is the author of Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers: More Than 50 Easy Paper Blooms and Gorgeous Arrangements You Can Make at Home. I think making paper flowers will be a fun way to pass the time during quarantine.

Here are 4 flowers to hold you over until next season!

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~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon

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