robe-222Lace trimmed robe: Pink Blush  (available in a variety of colors)  |  Sleep mask: Sleepy Cottage
 Dark chocolate cocoa dusted truffles: La Maison du Chocolat 

Hello my Sugared Lemon friends! I’ve been spending a lot of time in this lovely and comfy robe from Pink Blush. Not many things fit me anymore because of our cute and growing baby lemon! It’s so lovely and soft that I  plan on wearing this to the hospital when our baby girl arrives in a few weeks. This darling robe comes in a variety of beautiful colors but I liked the fuchsia the best. I’m also very partial to this floral robe from Pink Blush. The floral pattern is oh so ladylike! Honestly, It’s hard to feel pretty and dainty lately since I’ve gained over thirty pounds but this soft,  lace trimmed robe makes me feel oh so pretty! Also, I’ve been craving decadent truffles like crazy. My sweet Shawn bought me these luscious chocolate truffles from La Maison Du Chocolat and I won’t lie, they are almost all gone… ha ha! #PregnancyCravings

I’ll be doing a $75 gift card GIVEAWAY to Pink Blush this Sunday! #PRETTYINPINKBLUSH

Have a lovely day,
~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon