nails-222Life can’t be perfect but your nails can be! Oxblood, bordeaux and other deep berry colors are on trend for this fabulous fall season! I’m seeing these lust worthy colors everywhere including on lips, clothing and accessories. It’s such a rich color and I’m excited to be flaunting it on my nails! Thanks to Nordstrom’s Beauty Trend Event, I had the opportunity to have an “oh so chic” manicure using Deborah Lippman’s nail lacquer. The friendly manicurist first used the Deborah Lippman ‘Fast Girls’ Base Coat. After my nails quickly dried, she painted Deborah Lippman ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ on eight of my nails. For my other two nails, I wanted a color that would add a bit of sass to my mani. Along with deep berry colors being on trend, so is adding a bit of sparkle to spice things up. To do this fanciful trend, the manicurist painted my other two nails with Deborah Lippman ‘Marrakesh Express’.  This opalescent light orange and maroon polish had bits of glitter in it that truly made my nails perfect for fall. Marrakesh Express is part of the new Fantastical Glitter Nail Color by Deborah Lippman, isn’t it pretty?! My mani turned out gorgeous and I felt extra fabulous using my hands to pick up the delicious lemon and chocolate pastries Nordstrom had for us to eat. Let’s be honest, I can never say no to a good pastry!

FYI-Isn’t the photograph by the pastries stunning?! I had the opportunity to meet the Salt Lake City based photographer who is responsible for the fantastic photo. She is professional, talented and sweet as can be, check out Keala Jarvis Photography