Parisian Pineapples  |  Watermelon Slices  |  Ice Cream Cones  |  Pineapple candles

Hello friends! Recently I was able to visit with my brother’s family from Texas, including my nieces and nephews! I just adore them and couldn’t wait to spend time with them. We made unicorn sugar cookies, launched water balloons, played Scum (a card game), and played by the butterflies by my parent’s butterfly bush! I secured the “best aunt award” by sharing my coveted Sugarfina Summer gummies. We had Parisian Pineapples (imported from France), Watermelon Slices (imported from Germany), and Ice Cream Cones (imported from Germany)! My niece Sydney helped me bake pineapple cupcakes that we topped with pineapple candles from Sugarfina and they were as cute as can be! Thanks Sugarfina, for helping us savor the last bit of Summer that is left!

Recipe for pineapple cupcakes with whipped coconut buttercream frosting HERE via Baked by an Introvert

Have a lovely Summer day,

~Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon

Sydney, Pierce, Mason, Drew, and little Blayke, I love you!!!