Sweater weather and Angelina’s hot chocolate recipe.

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Sweater dresses are basically blankets you can wear, ha ha! This one is especially soft and comes in five colors and available in sizes XXS-3X! It’s a mixture of merino wool, alpaca, and stretch and I literally could wear it to bed it’s so luxuriously soft. The air definitely is crisp and the wind is chilly here in Utah. Along with a cup of my favorite decadent hot cocoa, you’ll be seeing this outfit on repeat to keep me toasty warm. Unfortunately they don’t sell Angelina’s hot chocolate in the states anymore but I found a recipe here forever it that you need to keep. I first fell in love with Angelina’s when we were in Paris at Versailles. Yes, they have an Angelina’s tea room inside of Versailles! It’s not their original  flagship tea room, which is equally worthy, but is definitely worth it!

Have a lovely and sweet day,

Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon

Angelina’s hot chocolate recipe here! *