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This past Christmas my darling friend Emily introduced me to the Pom Pom maker! I was instantly hooked on making adorable and chic pom poms! I decided to make a garland of them to hang on our mantle for Valentines Day and I think it turned out quite delightful. This craft is super easy for those, like me, that aren’t very crafty. I plan on hanging them on straw beach bag for the upcoming Summer! However, does anyone else remember the FRIENDS episode where Phoebe makes her own shoes? Ha ha, I just adore her but that many pom poms and flair on a pair of shoes is way too much!

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-Three different colors of yarn
Clover Pom-Pom maker, set with two sizes

How to make the pom poms is very simple and the Clover includes the directions on how to easily make them. Once you have enough pom poms, simply tie each one two inches apart with yarn. Done!

I wish all the sweetest Valentines Day,
~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon