Blackberry peach tarts recipe!





Blackberry peach tartlets


An Everly sized mini tart, specially made just for her!

See! I have berry stains on my hand to prove that I really picked the berries!

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Oh, the sweet flavors of Summer! Fall is right around the corner and there is a slight chill in the air, but for now I’m enjoying my freshly picked blackberries and peaches. Juicy! Juicy! Juicy! My parents yard is filled with fresh berries to pick and I couldn’t resist gathering as many as I could and turning them into a delicious fruit tart filled with pastry cream. My hands have the berry stains to prove that I really picked them, haha! However, you need to watch the video below to see what happened right after we took pictures of me picking blackberries…my worst nightmare came true. Yikes!

Homemade blackberry and peach tastes via my cherished Miette cookbook. It’s the only cookbook I use when making tarts and I’ve featured it a few times on The Sugared Lemon. Miette taught me how to make a truly lavish and delicious tart. I’m picky about my sweets…the true sign of an authentic Sugared Lemon!

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