flower arrangement

flower arrangement centerpiece

Hello friends! Today I’m featuring a post about flower arranging from my friend Julie Tran. We have been friends since 7th grade and I’m grateful we are still friends to this day, even though we live in different states and don’t see each other that often. There is an art to arranging flowers and she has real knack for it! Fresh flowers are a staple in my home and with Julie’s help, you can have a beautiful and fresh centerpiece as well!

“I must have fresh flowers, always, and always.”~ Claude Monet


– footed compote bowl/urn

– wet floral foam (any craft store like Michaels/Joanns)
–  floral snips/pruning shears


– branchy greenery
–  leafy greenery
– focal flower/s
– face flowers
– accent/drap flowers
I saw a beautiful bouquet featuring a  unique Protea flower at Trader Joe’s ($10) and thought it would make a delightful centerpiece, you can also hand pick your flowers from the flower shop to match your palette.  I found an urn or compote pedestal bowl ($4) along with some brass candlesticks ($1) at the local second hand shop.  I went to a local flower shop for some extra greenery and drapey looking flowers in addition to the bouquet from TJ’s.
1. Start by cutting out the foam to fit in your vase and soaking your floral foam into water for about 2 minutes.
2. Lay out your flowers and greenery in big plastic pot or vase filled with water.  Start by placing your leafy greens (lambs ear or any large flat leaf).
3. Add on branchy greenery to create a basic shape for your arrangement (I wanted mine to be heavy on one side and drape down like a wisp on the other).
4. Then add on your base flowers which take up most the space (mine were the yellow carntations; peonies or any fully open blossom would work well. Place them around in clusters at different lengths to make it look organic.
5. I then placed my feature Protea on the heavy and tall side.
6. Then place the smaller accent and drap flowers around to fill in the space and help create the shape.
7. Mess around, cut lengths, fill in gaps, whatever your creative heart desires.
8. Voila! Your inner floral goddess has arose.
The Christmas arrangements pictured below are perfect for the wintery holiday. Julie bought the flowers from Trader Joes for $10 and the pinecones are from a winter hike. “If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” ~ Van Gogh
Have a lovely day,
~Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon