Surprise! Baby Parry due in February! Surprise is definitely what we were when found out! When Shawn and I got home from Europe, I had picked up a terrible flu bug that lasted for two weeks. At the doctors, they do the pregnancy test that is always required and it was negative.After that, I caught bronchitis and was coughing up a storm for. Finally I was feeling better and I went to a REAL Salt Lake soccer game with two of my darling girlfriends and we had a blast! That night I couldn’t shake this feeling that I might be pregnant, even though the doctor confirmed I wasn’t. I couldn’t sleep all night and decided to get a home pregnancy test the next morning and took it at my work before my shift started. Surprise! It instantly came back positive and I about passed out! I took the second one to make sure and it was a definite positive as well! I was absolutely flabbergasted and could hardly believe it. I had to go to work right after and I was in a daze all day! I finally had a kind co-worker come in early and cover my shift because I couldn’t concentrate on anything but the news! I rushed home and made Shawn’s favorite cookies before he got home. When he arrived, I brought him a plate of the warm cookies and told him he had to eat one before I talked to him. Ha ha! I told him that I was pregnant and he got a giant grin on his face and picked me up in the air and hugged me! We’ve been married for over eight years and have thoroughly enjoyed traveling the world and experiencing this colorful life on earth. Neither of us were wanting children because we love our life but little did we know, we were both ridiculously happy when we found out! Here is what my sweet Shawn wrote to our friends and family on my personal Facebook page:


“Today is a good day. For the past couple months I’ve looked at my wife differently, I’ve been nothing but amazed at what she is doing and how much I simply love her.

Together we’ve been all over the world, crossed off bucket list adventures, seen the most amazing views, and tried some fantastic food along our life’s astonishing adventure together.

However, we’ve been set on the best adventure yet….

Today my amazing wife and I are VERY happy to announce we are now starting a new adventure together. 

We’re going to be parents. Small human due February(ish) 2017. 

I love you Kathryn Elizabeth Theobald Parry with ever fiber of my body and soul and I promise I’ll stop trying to push cake through your belly button to the baby…”


Isn’t he just the best man ever?!?! He has taken very good care of me! I’ve had terrible morning sickness for the past three months and I am thankfully and finally feeling better! It was definitely NOT the Summer we had planned (golfing, hawaii, biking, swimming, etc.) and I’m grateful that the seasons are changing into my two favorites, Fall and Winter!

Long story short, I wasn’t able to do many posts for Summer 🙁 but I am very excited for a bunch of upcoming photoshoots and adventures I have planned! Follow along on my Snapchat: TheSugaredLemon or https://www.snapchat.com/add/thesugaredlemon

Have a lovely day,

Kathryn, Shawn, Lucy and baby Parry 🙂