sprightly spring blossoms couple

fresh spring tulips

spring blossoms

spring tulips

spring dress

breath of spring

spring couple flowers

Dress: The Limited  |  Sweater: The Limited, I also love this floral dress  |  Headband: Cara Accessories 

Arrow bracelet: Sparkle & Whim  |  Heels: old (similar style)

Lipstick: MAC in Flamingo  |  Earrings: J.Crew (sold out online, similar style here)

Oh Spring, how I love thee and the glorious beauty you bring! Never underestimate the importance of fresh flowers, profound love, and breezy strolls through a blossoming, verdant garden! All of this to me is the very essence of Spring and everything it beholds. How can I describe such a sprightly time of year? Is it possible for words to describe the fragrance in the breath of Spring’s perfumed air? I hardly think so, for it is best to experience all of the blossoming beauty that Spring has to offer   by getting outside and encountering mother nature personally. One of my most cherished Spring memories takes place at my late grandmother Teel’s house in the small town of Avon, New York. Grandma Teel’s yard was quite expansive and covered in various, fluttering flowers and bushes. I used to dress-up, pretend that I was a princess and literally frolic through her gardens, picking a few delicate flowers that looked extra pleasing. My grandmother showed us how to press the freshly picked flowers by placing them on parchment paper inside one of her old, heavy books. A few days later I would open the book to find a lovely array of flattened flowers, perfect for the inside of a picture frame! I miss her greatly but am reminded of her every morning here in Salt Lake. At the first flush of the morning, I wake up to birds singing a lovely and cheery tune right outside my sunny window, gently reminding me that morning has arrived, just like the birds at Grandma’s house!

I wish you all a lovely day,

~Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon

“I must have flowers, always, and always”~ Claude Monet