Walking in Wildflowers!
Walking in WildflowersI took advantage of having my puppy nephew, Sir Hamilton, while he was visiting with my family from Tennessee by taking him for a walk in the wildflowers! The wildflowers here in Utah bloom for a short two weeks of the year and they are fascinating. I’ll be honest…The mountains here are a blah brown here most of the year which is quite boring to explore. Breathtaking when the leaves turn in the fall, dazzling covered in snow, but the rest of the year the hills are  crispy and Brown. I’m from the East and crave green surroundings and colorful blooms! Cacti, Feather Reed grass, and sage brush do not cut it for me! So, I basically spend all of the time I can manage in the wildflowers. Hamilton gained a quick fondness for smelling every single flower and pranced among the plants.
Walking in Wildflowers
French picnic

For a picnic lunch we packed our favorite, easy jambon et buerre French sandwiches and a cold bottle of Pellegrino. We like to add Emmentaler cheese and Dijon mustard for extra tastiness. At this point I could imagine I was back in Europe for a little while. Please wear a mask so we can all get back to traveling and living our happiest lives!

Also, I NEED this darling wicker picnic basket and picnic cookbooks!

Have a sweet and lovely day,
~Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon

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