Fragrant Flowers for Mother’s Day! I took photos at Anderson Seed and Garden in front of their gorgeous roses!



My Grandad’s favorite Deutzia flower that I bought for my mom for Mother’s Day!


A fresh floral arrangement is one of my must-have little luxuries here in my home. It’s the perfect and easy way to add a burst of fragrance and pop of color to any space. My Grandad Teel graduated from Penn State with a degree in agriculture and went on to turn his knowledge into a marketing firm that specialized in selling to farmers and agricultural businesses! Unfortunately he passed away when I was about two years old so I have no memories of him. I also unfortunately get the gardening gene, haha! My mother and sister are both very talented gardeners even though they will tell you otherwise. I find myself constantly asking them questions about certain specialty flowers and what not because I can barely keep my little strawberries alive! This year I secretly asked my mom if she was needing any new big flowering bushes for her yard and she showed me a spot that she wanted to plant something. So guess what, I’m surprising her with a fragrant Deutzia flowering shrub which was my grandad’s favorite!

Have a sweet and lovely day,
~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon


Eyelashes here!