Pinkies Up! It’s Time for Tea!








I promised all of you that I would show what I inherited from my sweet Grandmother and here it is! The whole set of Royal Albert bone china with the Old Country Roses pattern. It’s quite possibly one of the most iconic tea sets ever made. My grandmother was a York and very English, so of course she loved her tea. Every Summer we spent a month visiting her and I have the most fond memories of her! Each morning she would have her tea and a little scone or something sweet to go with it. I think I inherited my love of sweets from her, hehe! Anyways, she had many fancy tea sets, I also inherited her Christmas set (Holiday by Lenox), as well as an every day tea set. My family doesn’t drink black tea so I never had much interest in it until I was a little older. However, afternoon tea with herbal tea is now one of my favorite leisure activities! While my husband and I were in England a few years ago, we had afternoon tea in Gloucestershire, England at the Tortworth Court. The setting was Immaculate, the view was absolutely picturesque, and the finger food and tea was divine. The china was not up to par but everything else made up for it. Read more about it and see photos of us by clicking here!

How could I talk about tea without bringing up Laduree? If I’m being completely honest, I would live inside one of the original Laduree tea houses in Paris. You feel as if Marie Antoinette could be sitting right next to you and everyone knows how much I adore her style! Laduree’s newest book, Laduree Tea Time: The Art of Taking Tea, has made a permanent spot on my bookshelf. “Tea time is a moment for sharing, when the mind wanders to faraway lands and calm returns to our crazy world. In Ladurée Tea Time the iconic Parisian luxury patisserie pays tribute to this libation of the gods in its inimitable fashion. With mouthwatering photography and beautiful illustrations, the leaves of this chic book are steeped with tea-time menus and more than 60 sweet and savory recipes fit for Marie Antoinette. Wrapped in mint-green tissue paper, with a padded cover and green metallic edge stain, and packaged in an elegant gift box, this sumptuous guide reveals the secrets of taking tea the Ladurée way and is topped off with a concise history of tea, a guide to the finest tea varieties, and tips on ultimate tea pairings.”

On my instagram I promised a funny story so here it goes. When my husband and I were engaged, we went shopping for our wedding registry and had a lady help us in the fine china section. She was very loud and kept going on about how sturdy and unbreakable. Then she proceeded to slam the china plate on the table to show how strong it was. Simply put, the plate then broke. She apologized and felt terrible and we could tell how embarrassed she was. We told her there wasn’t any need to apologize and graciously thanked her for her time…And then we promptly left. Ladies and gentleman, KNOW your audience!

“I’m not everyone’s cup of tea…And I wouldn’t have it any other way”~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon

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~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon

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