Legally Blonde couples costume, Elle Woods and Emmett. Don’t worry…Bruiser woods is here too!Elle woods couples costume

Elle woods and bruiser woods costume
Elle woods costume
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Our costumers are easy to make because there is no sewing involved! I also included ready made Elle costumes if you’re not into diy.

Elle’s costume:
I hot glued pink ribbon onto the dress to make the collar and sleeve ends and then hot glued big, circle rhinestones on the sleeve ends to look like buttons. The same ribbon is used for the belt. I simply hot glued a rhinestone rhibbon on top of the belt and used adhesive rhinestone stickers on The ends of the belt. For her shoes I glued square rhinestone buckles to the clasp and the toe strap. I then took off the cover of a book and stuck a red letterman H onto it to look like a Harvard book.

Bruiser wood’s costume:
I cut out purple felt strips and hot glued them around the edges for trim. I used the same felt to make a letterman H and glued it to the back of his shirt. Around his his neck is a Tiffany&Co bracelet dupe from Amazon.

Emmett Richmond’s costume:
It was Incredibly easy to put his together, no glueing involved. An brown corduroy blazer, faux leather computer bag, and a wig that looks exactly like Emmet’s hair will do the trick! Add a plain tee, khakis, and brown shoes and your finished.

Below is the inspiration for the costumes I made and they look almost identical!

~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon

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