Savor Vivre: The Art of Fine Living by Ladurée Paris
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This past year, my husband and I visited Paris and simply put, we fell in love with the city. I had a list of things I wanted to do and see and one of the first I wanted to check off was to have lunch at Ladurée The sumptuous and gilded decor of Ladurée’s tea room, combined with a light but decadent lunch and dessert (orange blossom macarons and Saint Honoré Rose Framboise), made for a perfectly parisian day! I was thrilled when Ladurée came out with their newest book, Savoir Vivre: The Art of Fine Living. In the words of Maud Hacker,

“Ladurée is the epitome of French refinement and elegance; in this beautifully illustrated book, nestled in a delightful gift box, Ladurée provide advice and tips on how to be at one’s best in any situation.”

Along with darling illustrations by Sophie Bouxom, is an array of advice, do’s and don’ts, ideas, and information on where to buy Parisian chic items, in-store and online! This book will be on my coffee table for years to come and hopefully my little Everly will learn from the book as she grows up! I can’t wait to take her to Paris with us hopefully sometime soon!

Have a lovely day,
~ Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon