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what would Blair Waldorf do Go to Paris

Travel to Paris Blair Waldorf style

Art Print: The Trendy Sparrow (best store ever!)  |  Book: The Food Lover’s Guide To Paris by Patricia Wells

I found out this month that my friend Julie, whom I have been friends with for 17 years, is getting married in May. Where is she getting married? In the breathtaking Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, England. Such a lovely venue for an equally lovely lady! So the question is, what would Blair Waldorf do? She would go to Europe in a heart beat! My husband and I were originally saving our money and planning on going to New York City this Christmas. It’s our favorite place to experience Christmas and a girl (me) needs to get out of Utah at least once a year! However, when we found out about Julie’s upcoming wedding, we knew that we wanted to vacation in Europe this Spring instead. We will be traveling through a few countries, Paris is of course on the list. The first travel book I picked up is, The Food Lover’s Guide To Paris by Patricia Wells. Macarons, cheese, and mille feuilles…I’m coming for you!!

Bonne journée mes amis,

~Kathryn, Le Citron Sucre

p.s. How elegant is my vintage, gold hairbrush and crystal dishes that I inherited from my great grandmother! I use the crystal candy dish as a jewelry holder for my beloved necklaces.