Trench coat: 
Miss Sixty (similar style here and here)  |  Pants: J.Crew (similar style here and here)  |  Flats: Sperry Top-Sider  |  Handbag: Kate Spade New York (similar style)  |  ring: Kate Spade New York (similar style)

It’s raining and pouring but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!  Rainy day style doesn’t have to be blah and gloomy. Wear a cute trench like the Miss Sixty coat that I am wearing and pretend you’re Audrey Hepburn in the final scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s! In my case, I have my little pup Lucy instead of Holly Golightly’s Cat. One of my favorite things to do on a drizzly day is take the little pup on a short outing. Dogs get bored staying inside all day, too!

I will embarrassingly admit that a few years ago I bought Lucy a bright red puppy raincoat to wear in the rain. What was I thinking? She hated it and let’s be honest, dogs in clothing are sort of silly. When I first put the raincoat on my sweet Lucy a few years ago, her attitude became  what Shawn and I call dog-a-tonic. Dog-a-tonic is when she hates something so incredibly much that she won’t move, even for Beef Bourguignon doggy biscuits from BOCCE”S BAKERY! Her ears go down and she basically becomes an upset statue. The look of distain instantly covers her whole furry face!! What a hilarious puppy she is. Let’s just say, the raincoat has never been used again and even the sight of it makes Lucy run into her indoor dog house and hide! I love how sweet but somewhat stubborn she can be.

Anyway, my rainy day style is lightly inspired by what Holly Golightly wears in the pouring rain. I found this undeniably cute trench coat a few years ago in Nordstrom Rack and knew that this classic trench would be able to stay in style for years to come. The preppy pleats in the back are what sold me and what makes this trench coat stand out. I paired the neutral coat with gray and maroon plaid J.Crew wool pants and black woven Sperry Top-Sider flats. My Kate Spade New York handbag added a bit of sweetness to the outfit. To add a bit of sparkle and fun, I wore my Kate Spade New York gold pavé dome ring. I really enjoy the umbrella that I have but I am thinking of getting a new one. As I was searching online for umbrellas, I came across the Marimekko website. Marimekko is a Finnish textile and clothing design company that was established in 1951 and is renowned for its original prints and colors. I fell head over heals for the beautiful and darling prints on their umbrellas. I especially love the Pieni Unikko auto open & close umbrella. Maybe that will be my next purchase…

Funny side note, during this photo shoot the weather was cooperating and the rain was lightly sprinkling and touching the ground. After about five minutes of picture taking, loud thunder sounded and it started to downpour! I’m sure it was quite a hilarious scene for onlookers who saw us scrambling to cover the camera and run for cover! I was covered in rainy day garb but my husband wasn’t! He is such a great sport for helping me with all of my photo shoots. Love him!