Lemon print dresses for momma and me!

Dolce gabbana family
Dolce gabbana girl
Dolce gabbana women
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In the case that you haven’t noticed how much I lemons, these matching momma and me lemon print outfits will show you! I saw this similar print from Dolce and Gabbana while we were visiting their Las Vegas store a while ago and it was love at first sight. I found these pink and yellow lemon prints here for much less and snatched them up. Isn’t Everly adorable! This year I purchased a coveted Dolce and Gabbana Napa leather dg girls shoulder bag and let Everly CAREFULY hold it. She said, “I have a purse like you mom!”, haha! It’s the first Dolce and Gabbana handbag I’ve ever had and I truly cherish it.

Side note, in my opinion, lemons will never go out of style.

Have a lovely and sweet day,
~Kathryn, The Sugared Lemon